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Relationships Under Construction has made its entire curricula in print available for purchasing online. We currently have five books and several print-ready consumables available for online purchase. Each curriculum purchase comes with a full complement of Power Point slides, worksheets, teacher forms, and everything you need to get your program up and running immediately.

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Relationships Under Construction has gained world-wide acclaim as a leader in teaching Whole Person Adolescent Health. Here are a few of the reviews we’ve received:

Relationships Under Construction is the best sex education curriculum I have reviewed in years! It starts early and includes parents. RUC should be taught in every school, church, and youth organization across the country. This dynamic curriculum gets incredible results when presented by passionate teachers, parents, and youth leaders.” (Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministries)

Thank you so much for sharing with us your curriculum and supplies. You helped my husband and I have a program in the schools. RUC helps us make our presentations to the youth more interesting and exciting, especially here in the Philippines! (Lily Perez, Pregnancy Support Services of Asia (Philippines)

Relationships Under Construction is a hands-on organization that can change the direction of American youth today.  RUC helps young people sift through the lies and learn the truth about relationships.  This is a  program that needs to be multiplied across the country. (Dr. Kevin Leman, author of “How to Have a New Kid by Friday”)

Our educators are visiting schools to teach Relationships Under Construction. Miss the Mess and Think It Over is becoming a “house holder” name in the homes of the students who attend the classes. (Veronica Nakyewe, founder of The Comforter’s Center, Kampala, Uganda)